Summer Health Check

Long days, brilliant sunshine, high temperatures: they can all take their toll on your Isuzu D-Max, so there’s no better time for us to carry out a summer health check on your vehicle. During the summer health check we will check the oil and coolant fluid levels. This will ensure that your engine is protected from any unnecessary wear and tear as well as preventing overheating.  We will check your vehicles tyre pressures and condition, this is essential to your safety and will help maintain good fuel economy. The condition of your vehicle’s braking components will also be looked at, this is to ensure maximum safety whilst behind the wheel of your Isuzu D-Max. We will also check the operation of your lights and the condition of your wipers and screen wash. It takes approximately 30 minutes. Should anything need replacing or if there are any advisories we will bring them to your attention.

The Summer Health Check is FREE of charge.