White Horse Motors are now an Authorised Dealer and Stocklist for all Road Angel products. Road Angel makes award-winning Dash Camera and Speed Awareness products to help make Britain’s roads safer by educating and empowering motorists to make better decisions about their driving. Road Angel products come with incredibly powerful technology, constantly updating owners about the ever-changing speeds and conditions on our busy road network, from variable speed limits and mobile speed cameras to accident blackspots and the new Smart Motorways.


With UK speeding fines and variable speeding limits on the increase nationwide, make sure you get a clear view of the road ahead and never miss a speed camera again with our new super-bright, sunlight-readable LCD screen. Never wonder what the speed limit is again! Make sure you’re ready for the Smart Motorway revolution with our Road Angel Pure.

Our speed camera and radar detectors give live updates and information based on GPS location, with built-in laser gun protection to guarantee the identification of the speed limit on even the most remote road. The Road Angel PURE even includes App connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones.

The Road Angel Alerts Database warns drivers not only to be cautious but to keep an eye on their speed, enabling them to be more aware of the hazards around them. All of the alerts are configurable to the users own preferences either via a PC/Mac or Smart Phone.

The Road Angel Road Speed Library advises drivers what the current speed limit is for the road they are driving on. Provided by and made available to users every quarter, the data covers the whole of the UK so drivers never need to worry if they have missed a speed limit change sign.

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Subscription Types

To get the very best performance and peace of mind from your Road Angel Pure, we offer 6 fantastic subscription packages.

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The LIVE DATA subscription is required to get all the great features and benefits from the Alerts Database and Road Speed Library.

12 Months £99.99
24 Months £189.99
36 Months £249.99


The SMART MOTORWAYS subscription is an additional “bolt-on” that brings real-time live gantry variable speed limit information to the Pure.

12 Months £149.99
24 Months £279.99
36 Months £379.99

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App Connectivity

With the PURE Smartphone App that’s available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store, you can connect via Wi-Fi to your Road Angel PURE to change settings and configurations.


With a new standard of quality, reliability and personalisation options, the Road Angel Aura HD1 & HD2 pack a mighty punch in their compact bodies. Dash Cameras have never looked so good or been so easy to operate. Unobtrusive while driving, its rotatable lens and discrete wiring means you can capture remarkable full 1080p HD footage on the HD1 or 1440p ULTRA HD footage on the HD2.

The Aura HD3 even offers front & rear 1440p ULTRA HD Recording along with a built-in GPS. The Aura HD3 Takes driving safety up to the next level with the dual camera AURA HD3. With built-in GPS, G-Sensor and a high precision GPS module, this ultra-sophisticated dual camera package extends the capabilities of dash cameras beyond the expected. Connect to your mobile phone through built-in Wi-Fi, watch a real-time video preview on your Smartphone and download it if an accident happens. The smartphone app even allows you to edit the footage and to take and edit photos.

Protection even when parked! Thanks to the built-in Parking Mode your vehicle is protected when you’re away. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the Dash Camera will automatically enter Parking Mode in time-lapse. If the G-Sensor detects an event or movement the Aura HD1 will resume normal recording.

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