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The VW Transporter T5 (MY09) Lazer Grille allows for the stylish and sleek integration of Lazer High Performance LED driving lamps contained within a bespoke stainless steel lower front grille, which perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle. The grille simplifies installation of the Lazer lights, reducing fitting time, and with a matching complement upper grille part also available (ZVW38009B); the design and look of your vehicle is enhanced while delivering superior auxiliary lighting performance that has become synonymous with the Lazer brand.

Grilles are a woven mesh made from 316L stainless steel, and coated with a black nylon polymer to provide a long lasting bright finish with no risk of paint flaking or chips. The grille can be fitted with 2x Lazer ST4 or RS-4* lights, while the corresponding two-lamp harness kit with fully waterproof splice system for wiring into the vehicle electrical system without risk of damage or corrosion, will further simplify and enhance your auxiliary light installation. The grilles themselves are easy to fit with bespoke fittings and instructions, and because the grilles are custom-made the grille and lights will always remain secure and safe.

What’s included:
– x1 Stainless steel mesh grille
– x1 Lazer lamp fastening pack (for mounting lights)
– x1 Installation instructions

Product Code: ZVW49509B

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