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Comprising the same heavy-duty aluminium casing and interchangeable lens options, the Utility-80 shares the same physical characteristics on the outside as the Utility-45 work lamp, but inside upgraded electronics alongside 4x20Watt high density LEDs, deliver incredible lighting performance contradicting the lamps relatively diminutive size.

Designed and built in the UK, the Utility-80 like the Utility-45 is a heavy-duty LED work light which combines the latest and most advanced LED systems with patent-pending design features for maximising light output, functionality, and reliability. The addition of 4 high density 20W LEDs is only made possible thanks to sophisticated electronic design, combined with the exceptional thermal conductivity properties of the Utility Series’ ‘Matrix’ cooling system – the advanced heatsink construction which more efficiently dissipates heat away from the lamp when compared to conventional work light housings. Whatever the working conditions of the lamp, the light output will always be optimised thanks to Lazer’s Electronic Thermal Management system which provides long-term protection to the LEDs.

With a colour temperature of 5,000 kelvin, the LEDs have been carefully selected to maximise definition while reducing fatigue and strain that can come from using higher colour ranges. Interchangeable lenses allow for the beam pattern of your Utility-80 to be tailored for any specific application. The Utility-80 comes available with 3 different lens options – Standard Diffused lens, providing a good balance of spread and intensity of light for the majority of tasks; Wide Diffused, for exceptional short-range visibility; and Dual-Zone Reeded, ideal if the lamps are going to be mounted less than 1m above the ground.

Lenses are easily interchanged while maintaining the lamps IP67/IP69K rating. Built to last with a 2 year warranty as standard, the Utility-80 benefits from automotive grade corrosion resistance, while the integrity and functionality of the lamp is further enhanced through EMC protection which ensures no interference with any other electrical machinery or appliances. Over voltage and reverse polarity protection will further guard against accidental damage and increase the longevity of the lamp.

Supplied with male/female Deutsch connectors (part no. DT06-2S/DT04-2P), optional extras include: a One-Lamp Wiring Harness Kit, and Quad-Core Dampening System to protect against extreme vibrations.

What’s included:
– x1 Utility-80 LED Work Lamp
– x1 Mounting Bracket
– x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions

Product Code: 00U80-B

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