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The CANM8 CANNECT HIGHBEAM is a CAN Bus Interface that provides a quick solution for detecting High Beam activity, for the installation of additional driving lights via a relay.

The interface features a mini wiring connector, which unplugs to allow easy installation. There are 2 connections to the vehicle CAN Bus wiring (CAN Hi & CAN Lo) along with a connection to a switched 12v power supply and an earth connection. The interface provides a 12V, 1A output when the vehicle main beam is activated.

The interface incorporates a multi-function miniature status LED, which indicates correct connection to the CAN system, CAN activity present and confirmation that the CAN identity has been recognised.

The LED Status is as follows:

– Flashing Red: Searching for CAN information
– Solid Red: CAN data received but vehicle type not identified
– Solid Green: CAN data received and vehicle type recognised
– Flashing Green: Vehicle speed detected

Wiring Installation Details:

White – CAN Hi
Blue – CAN Lo
Black – Negative
Red – Positive
Purple – Highbeam Output

CANM8 – Vehicle Compatibility List

CANM8 – Installation Guide

Product Code: CANBHI

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