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Aeroklas are on the cutting edge of trucktop manufacturing and development and are the first company in the world to offer an “Engineered ABS Double Shell Technology.”

This makes a hardtop which is light, strong, durable and weatherproof. Advantages of ABS: *ABS is widely used in the automotive and aircraft industry. *It is extremely lightweight, strong and rust free throughout its lifetime. *ABS is able to reshape after impact. *The hardtop is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS, thus there are no connection joints or weak areas. *ABS is 100% recyclable, so it is environmentally friendly unlike fibreglass. *Aeroklas ABS Trucktops are easy clean and have a power washable interior. *They are the first trucktop that reinforces with ABS double shells for double strength.

Standard Features of the Aeroklas ABS Trucktop: *Sliding front windows. *LED Rear brake light. *Easy use handle lock and keys. *Non drill, easy fit G clamps.

Available in a range of colours.

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