Here at White Horse Motors, we can customise your vehicle to your exact specification in a number of different ways inside and outside of the vehicle. Here’s just a few of the most popular requests from our customers. If there is anything other than what’s listed below that you’d like doing to customise your vehicle, please enquire and we will look into it for you.


Add to your vehicle with some of the latest in-car technology. Why not travel in style?

  • 4GEE WiFi Hub
  • Reversing Cameras
  • Bespoke Audio System enhancement with the option of a Sub Woofer and Sub Level Controls
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Kits
  • Enhanced Microphones for phone calls
  • Sound Deadening Lining


Our Embroidery and Embossing service is customised to your exact specification, often with personalised touches, such as names, initials and company logos stitched or embossed into the headrests, seats and floor mats. You are also able to choose the exact colour of the stitching, the size and location.


Anything in your vehicle that can be removed such as dash trims, centre console trims and interior door handles, we can customise them. This is a great way to put some life into your vehicle if you feel like it’s too bland inside.


If you’d like some more comfort when driving your vehicle, we can help. There’s a couple of options available to you. We can adjust your current seat to a massage seat or alternatively, you could add the lumbar support option. This will help to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress and increase alertness. Both of these are available for the Isuzu D-Max only.


Your alloy wheels can be customised in a variety of different finishes including the popular Gloss Black and Carbon Fibre effect. You can also choose standard colours, all depending on personal choice and how you’d like your vehicle to look.



There are three main stages, the first stage will be to go through the design you’re looking for, whether that’s company logos, text, and prints, anything can be done. Once you are pleased with the design, the next stage is to book your vehicle in for the application and finally we will inform you when it’s all done and ready for you to pick up from White Horse Motors. Alternatively, we can also deliver your vehicle to your door.


Thinking of giving your vehicle a completely new look while keeping the old one?

With over 60 years experience in the automotive industry, we understand the importance of creating the perfect company branding for your vehicles, whether that’s a fleet or just an individual vehicle. We ensure that only the highest quality vinyl is used and careful attention to detail is ensured in the application of the vinyl.

Unlike re-sprays, a vinyl wrap can be removed quickly and easily so you can revert to the original paintwork unmarked.

We offer you a selection of vinyl colours and finishes to choose from. This ranges from regular colours and satin finishes, to extreme statements such as chrome and carbon fibre effect finishes.

Business or fleet vehicles often require company branding whether that’s a full wrap in your companies colours, or just certain sections on the vehicle. Although we can’t guarantee the exact company Pantone colour, we will try and match your Pantone colours as close as possible with the vinyl available to us.

The professional application ensures the same appearance and surface structure as the original paintwork finish. The Vinyl actually acts as a protective shield to your vehicles paintwork against stone-chips, abrasions and weathering. This all helps towards your vehicles resale value.

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