Cabin Filter

Your cabin filter has an important part to play in not only keeping the cabin of your Isuzu D-Max pleasant and comfortable, but also in protecting and maintaining your health and that of your passengers. The Cabin Filter traps the microscopic particles and contaminants that can often bring on allergic reactions or respiratory problems. The filter is made up of fibres that will become clogged over time. As a result, the ventilation in your cabin will deteriorate. This will impact the efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. The cabin will be less comfortable in warm weather and will take longer to demist your windows when it’s cold. To solve this issue we recommend regularly changing your Cabin Filter. Here at White Horse Motors we replace your vehicle’s Cabin Filter with every service.


COMFORT – Exhaust emissions from heavy traffic can become unpleasant, a fully-functioning cabin filter can help to reduce exhaust emission odours.

HYGIENE – The cabin filter helps reduce the build up of dust, leaves and other deposits in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in your vehicle.

HEALTH & ALLERGIES – A brand new, efficient cabin filter helps to reduce the number of air pollutants that can cause nauseousness, drowsiness, headaches and fatigue.

VENTILATION – A blocked cabin filter will have a significant impact on the flow of air that enters the heating and ventilation system of your vehicle, lowering its efficiency levels.

Allergy sufferers will also benefit from a fresh, clean cabin filter, as dust and other contaminants will also be filtered out of the air entering the cabin.