We are proud to be an Authorised Dealership for Cades Wheels, who have over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the UK Alloy Wheels industry. Cades have a wide range of wheels dedicated to Commercial vehicles, that are load rated and will bolt straight on with no fuss, and no costly conversion bolts.

Why Cades?

Cades wheels have been established for over 10 years, and you can be assured of a quality product every time. Designed from the ground up to not only to boast market leading looks and style, but also built to take everything UK weather can throw at it. Cades Wheels use powder lacquer on all polished surfaces to cope with the most demanding road conditions. Cades also use epoxy resin centre crests for sustained good looks and we never over engineer wheels, keeping the weight to a bare minimum. Essentially Cades offer exceptional products for people who care about wheels. The press features and awards speak for themselves.

Cades have a mix of classic designs with more contemporary styles, focusing on quality, strength and durability. Cades wheels are crafted in a TUV certified environment and tested rigorously to ensure you get a first class product that not only looks fantastic but actually works.

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