Lazer Lamps is delighted to announce the launch of their upgraded Triple-R Elite range of high performance lighting solutions, used extensively across the passenger vehicle, 4×4, light commercial vehicle, heavy truck, and motorsport sectors. Continuing to assert the UK manufacturers authority as a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturer of LED driving lights, the Elite-3 range of lights utilises component technology shared within the company’s highest specification WRC lighting solutions for 2018/9, that guarantees the peak performance and reliability of the lights for everyday use.

Triple-R 750 Elite-3

Available in in 4, 6, 8, and 16 LED variants, with the exception of the Triple-R 16, all products incorporate Lazer Lamps dual output, E-Boost functionality. In E-mark Compliant mode the lamps represent some of the most powerful road-legal auxiliary driving lights available. In ‘E-Boost’ mode, astonishing levels of light output providing incredible distance illumination and improved spread of light, that leaves nothing to the imagination. Lazer Lamps Director, Ben Russell-Smith explains, ‘The Elite-3 range uses a combination of the latest highly efficient LED technology. A central bank of high intensity LEDs deliver the long-range illumination, while on the outer edges, an arrangement of multiple LEDs provides for a very comfortable left/right spread of light, that in the past was only achieved through the addition of our Reeded Lens options. Modified highly-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics have been carefully engineered to optimise the light distribution further by reducing the up/down spread of light, making the Triple-R Elite-3 range well suited to mounting even low down on the front of your vehicle.’

Triple-R 1000 Elite-3 (E-Boost) – Beam Pattern

Representing the very best road-legal driving lights available, the lights are expected to prove popular across the road tuning, 4×4, and commercial vehicle sectors, as well as with those within the rally and track motorsport sectors looking for every competitive advantage.

Like all products from Lazer Lamps, the Triple-R Elite-3 range is built to exacting standards to both maximise lighting performance, and the reliability and longevity of the products themselves. From the colour temperature of the LEDs carefully selected to maximise sharpness and definition of the road ahead, to the comprehensive 5 year warranty, all the bases are covered to ensure an unrivalled product and service experience.

Key Features

Combination LEDs deliver unrivalled levels of illumination

Central High intensity LED’s deliver outstanding long-distance illumination

An alignment of LEDs on outer reflectors for excellent left/right spread

Modified optics optimised for everyday road use

ECE approved through dual output E-Boost technology

5,000 kelvin LEDs carefully selected to maximise colour definition

CAE optimised heatsink

Electronic thermal management

‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with hardcoat

IP67 watertight

Comes as standard with 70cm cable, including pre-wired male & female connectors

5 year warranty

Designed & manufactured in Britain

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